Hey, I’m Benson

I’m a product manager, strategy nerd, and design enthusiast in Los Angeles. 

My product mindset is simple: start with the
user experience, then work backwards to the technology. If you start with cool technology, you’ve created a science project.

As a product manager, I’ve launched dozens of innovative products alongside cross-functional teams of engineers and designers.


Years Product


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STEM-MBA Candidate
Class of 2022

While at USC Marshall School of Business, I’ve taken on campus leadership roles, participated in product management bootcamps, and competed in product design case competitions.


Not Just Theory —

Practical Experience, from PRD to GTM.

Since graduation in 2015, I’ve worked as a product manager in both startups and Fortune 500 companies and guided dozens of products from ideation to launch. 

Cisco Meraki

Meraki celebrates simplicity and delivers a powerful network product through integrated hardware and software solutions.


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